Providing your needs , and write your source code !

Who's CDevCom ?

CDevCom is an independent programming service provider. We have 4 years of experience in software programming and 2 years in web programming. We can provide you the project you want with all your needs at a fair price.

Our purpose

We have many years of experience in programming and application development. Indeed we can make your project on many platforms such as : Windows, Web, Mobile. Feel free to go into the "Contact" section to ask an estimation for your project !

Our guarantees

By giving your trust to CDevCom, we ensure that our clients are not lost and helped. Our support can help within 3 days maximum if you have any question or any problem, feel free to send an e-mail to the support with an explanation of your problem.
Our projects are available to download
CDevCom makes it's own programs !

Our programs are optimized and stable and they're made with the less libraries possible in order to make small size programs. Our algorithms are made to be the fastest in order to save system resources. As always, if any problem or bug occurs, please contact the support.

Indeed, all of our projects are safe, they do not contain viruses and are designed to support various attacks such as SQL Injection, Sniffers. Some of our projects are even using encryption algorithms to make sure that you're using our software with any risks.

Our projects are open source ! CDevCom is giving a few sources of it's projects in order to show you a preview of our code. Feel free to go into the "Downloads" section and download them. You can modify or publish a modified version of our projects , there is no copyright restriction.
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